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The Countdown - 20

It's a shame that the Borris Avdeyev death, for messing up the Olympics Opening Ceremony, story turned out to be a hoax. I was hoping that failure in a global setting would now equal death in Russia, and that LJ would get the hint! :)


Something that I wish had been a hoax is that I clicked on something ridiculous today, and got what I deserved.

It was a story with the headline that Beatles fans were upset with Katy Perry. I missed the tribute last night, but I was curious about what horrible thing she could have done.

It turns out that she changed the lyric "man" to "girl" in "Yesterday". You know, much like people do when they are female and sing a song originally performed by a guy, or the other way around.

The internet outrage turns out to be just a couple people with nothing better to do. But for some reason this was on the front page of Yahoo this morning.

Yes, I was suckered in my click bait. We all have been. Some people even write it, because it's easy money. I get it. I still don't like it.

Is the world really so hard up for things to talk about that we need to find that smallest percent of idiots and give them a soapbox, in order to make a little money? Are we really that bored that we want to read it, and join in the comments page? Seriously people, the only comments pages you should EVER read are in LJ Idol!! Ignore the rest of them! :)
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