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Green Room

Good morning. Coming in this morning I wasn't expecting to see that we would have officially hit the DOUBLING POINT from last season.


Thank you guys so much.

Especially since I've already seen the "anti-everything" squad coming out. You know - the "this is so stupid because..." (basically, when you break down their reasons, because it's not what they want it to be, not that they would ever see anything through or do much of anything. But it's not what they want, so it's stupid/bad/a waste/your words here.) Sorry, that was my inside frustrated voice.*g* More people showing up saying wonderful things than have ever shown up before and I focus on the maybe two people I've seen who wouldn't satisfied with something they've only really seen at a distance... yeah, that's me all over!

I think that's one of the biggest challenges. This isn't a sprint. This is a marathon. There are going to be times when YOU are going to roll your eyes or think something isn't quite what you would want it to be. The secret with that - just like anywhere else in life - is to find a way to get through it, if you actually want to get to the other side.

Anyway, need to get into work! Have a wonderful day and I am SO pleased to see all of you here! Thank you for playing my little game. I realy do hope you manage to find aspects of it that you can enjoy.


MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THIS IF YOU WANT TO PLAY! (there's at least one person who linked something in a Green Room, but last time I checked still hadn't done it in either of the two places they need to!!)

"Don't forget to post your Topic 0 posts at:

and most important, remember to go there to READ other people's posts.
and make sure to sign up to play this season:

If you have any questions, be sure to check out the FAQ:"
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