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The Countdown - 24

Ken Ham called me up this morning to let me know how excited that he was that there were only 3 days until the start of the new LJ IDOL season!

I explained to him that no, there are 24. But he just kept right on talking.

Fortunately though, he's going to be ready to go when it does come! How about you?


For those still interested in such things, the fundraising goals are still out there! Obviously, we will end up releasing the FAQ at some point before the season actually starts! ;) But if you want it sooner...

Also, if you want to see that video that inspired the season, we are only $44.22 away from that happening!

There are numerous ways to do it. Do you like Paypal? That's probably the most straight-forward, my email is!

Do you like a more formal format? OK!

How about just giving a set amount every month?

All of the donations (including the ones to those other two causes I posted about earlier) are added together toward our total! :)

Want to build a realistic replica of Hannibal's invasion out of cheddar cheese? I'm sure there is a link for that too!
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