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The Countdown - 33

My friend's book just officially went into Pre-order, so of course I'm going to mention it to you!

Not just because I'm a shameless hack, promoting my friends, but also because I think it might be interesting to a segment of the Idol population! By "segment", I mean everyone intrigued by the nuances of humanity.

I put it under "Friends of Idol" even though I'm not entirely sure that swankivy knows what Idol is. :) I know her in "Real Life" though, so consider it a "Friend of Gary = Friend of Idol"!

Honestly, I was hoping for a book on baking delicious things, which is what she knows the most about, but I guess something about asexuality, a subject she has discussed a time or two on the internet, will have to do!


In related news to "not knowing what Idol is about". I've started doing interviews. I think the toughest question, from someone who doesn't know about Idol, is "what is LJ Idol". Because I want to start rambling on about the philosophical and social implications of what makes this group so awesome - and then I realize that they are just looking for a "a writing competition with reality show twists and turns". It is kind of difficult to pigeonhole though, because Idol is in a class entirely by itself!

A couple questions that have come out of that though, that I feel are things that people strolling by will want to know:

- When is Sign up? March 3rd.

- How do I sign up? There will be a posted sign up sheet available on March 3rd. You will follow the instructions on what to do. There is no "form" or submission process.

- How much does it cost? Not a penny. There are ways to contribute, if you are so inclined, including becoming a Patron of Idol. But it doesn't cost you anything to sign up or participate in Season 9.

- What is the prize? Eternal glory!!! (plus an icon and a banner)

- Why should I sign up? Your Mom and I talked it over, and she thinks you should do it/ thinks you should not do it. (depending on how likely you are to listen to your Mom!)
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