clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

"If you want to make trouble, go work for Parker Brothers!"

Have I mentioned how much I love the show Community? If, for some reason, I haven't, let me just put that on the record.

Granted, if you had talked to me last season, I wasn't watching it. Because NBC, in their wisdom, decided to fire the show creator, Dan Harmon. After a season that didn't do too well - with not only the critics and the fans panning it, but also the ACTUAL WRITERS, they decided to bring him back. And oddly enough, the show is good again!!

It's amazing the difference a talented writer can make on a project. Well, OK, it's not that amazing. It's pretty self-explanatory. But it's amazing how many people think it's something you can just plug in with someone else!

But nothing beats the original vision of the right show creator! *cough* see the last season of West Wing for details *cough*


For those following the "when will Idol start?" graph, we edged right up to the edge of the halfway mark!!

I figure that I will be releasing the FAQs when we hit 2/3! Not sure what I'll do for 1/2. I kind of want to put the new look up, but yeah, you are going to have to wait for that! :D


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