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The Lobby - 11.5

i was going to have yesterday's post be the last for 2013, but today I felt compelled to let you know of a wonderful retreat we will be having.

it's near my house, I don't know quite where yet, but it's going to be somewhere nearby so that while you are basking in the creative elements, I can go home and sleep in my own bed.

oh, btw - apparently it's at a plantation. But we can talk about that. Just send $1,000 and we can have a dialogue about how you feel to be there.

you really don't like that idea? OK. No retreat. I'll also cancel events at other places you might not like, because really, right now I don't want to deal with you people...

why are you getting so upset that I called you "you people"... get a sense of humor and move on already...

what's with the pitchforks???


On a serious "donation" front, we are *close* to the halfway point! Close enough that I figured that I should let you know and throw it out there in case there was someone looking to end 2013, or begin 2014 by doing that.


Why would you? I have no idea. But I'm not going to stop you! Heck, I'm going to encourage you!! Why? Because Ani DiFranco would want it that way. Exercise your white privilege by doing this! This is your chance to get some white privilege at a discounted rate! Don't delay!!! Heck, I might even throw in some "straight white MALE privilege", shipping and handling charges may apply.
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