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The Lobby - 8

If you aren’t watching this season of Survivor, you are missing out on some really good television!

Which is weird, because going into this, with the “Blood vs Water” twist, and Redemption Island, I thought this was going to be awful. I was on the fence about watching anymore. If you know me, you know how HUGE that would be for me to step away from the show even for a season!
Ultimately, I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad that I did! It’s just one of those times when the stars align just right and you get something really special, in spite of everything that should have killed it!

What are YOU watching that makes your heart go pitter-patter?

I’ve introduced Cynthia and Celena to Doctor Who, where David Tennant has gained a couple new converts to his cult. But we are in Season 4, so I expect that in the coming week there will be a lot of tears shed in my household! :D


We’ve had this offer before, but it’s back on the table for the Holidays! Amy Levy is offering a copy of her book “Welcome to River Street” for $16 (plus s/h) directly from her. $5 of that will go directly to Idol! She also has a couple extra copies of Idol Musings, if anyone is interested. I don’t know how much those are off the top of my head, but a portion of those sales will be going directly to Idol as well! Contact her at

If you have a book – or anything else, that you want to offer Idol a piece of the profits, let me know and I’ll advertise it here too! :D

Heck, even if you don’t offer a piece – I’ll put it on the Idol Amazon page for people to check out. Like Kristen Duvall’s book! I can’t recall if I’ve hyped this before – but if I haven’t, you really should check it out! or for the Kindle version! EXTREMELY proud of her!

Fey Publishing also has a new(ish) anthology out that I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned or not – HORRORS OF HISTORY! I know there are a LOT of horror fans out there in Idol land. You should definitely check it out!

Books - especially "Idol related" books, make great gifts!


For those who want to know where the Idol’raiser is at currently, perhaps Sunday postings were a bad idea, since not many people actually saw it! My own confidence issues coming to bite me on this one. There is less than a month until Jan though. So it’s looking like a Jan 1 date probably won’t happen. But that’s not to say that it still couldn’t start sometime later that month!

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