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The Lobby - 7

I'm getting this up a little late, but better than never, right?

This time of year marks the "biggest shopping days" of the season. With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday recently behind us, and Cyber Monday about to kick off - it's a time when people are looking for deals on what to get their loved ones for the holiday(s) of their choice.

I didn't manage to do any of that sort of thing - the day after Thanksgiving the pipes in the bathroom sprung a leak (or rather, we found it, it was probably going for awhile) and so I spent the day tearing up carpeting. Which is why I've spent the rest of my weekend with my hands and arms bruised and my back seizing up on me. It's the most wonderful time of the year...

But I digress... sales.

There is one going on, put together by an Idoler - supporting small and indie press authors. Which is an awesome thing. You get deals and some great books, they get sales and promotion! So check them out!

If you are going to use Amazon anyway - you can go through the Idol store to make your purchases: There are a ton of Idol related books in there, if that's your thing! :)

If it's not, just by doing the shopping you were going to do anyway, you can give a little back to Idol in the process!

Speaking of - I've been asked for an update on the bigger fundraiser, so here it is:

thermometer (2)
(there tends to be a spike after I post updates, with it dying back down within a day or so. Posting it on a Sunday is bound to just me speaking into the wind. But hey, hopefully the people who wanted to know will see it and it won't disturb those who didn't.)

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying Hanukkah! What fun have YOU had so far this "holiday season"?
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