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The Lobby - 6

It's almost the end of November, which means for those doing NANOWRMIordie it's crunch time of "Oh my god, I need to finish this damn thing!" Are YOU doing it this year, and if so, how close are you to finishing?

If not, what else have you been writing?

If nothing, what has been chasing you down dark streets, hungry for blood?

Granted, I know the answer to that last one, since I was the one who trained them, and eventually let them loose upon the world. But I'm curious if you recognize what parts I used to create this particular hybrid!


People have asked for an update on where we stand after week, so here it is:
thermometer (1)

In other words, about 1/10th of the way there! Good job, those who have chosen to participate in this! (and my continued thanks!) Anyone who wants to throw a testimonial for two my way, feel free! :D


We are headed toward "'merican Thanksgiving", which of course is the only REAL Thanksgiving. What are YOU thankful for?
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