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The Lobby - 2

Some of you may have caught the announcement in various social media (including on the second page of the Finale results), but for those who did miss it (and because I hadn't made it "Idol official" yet): LJ Idol power couple copyright1983 and unmowngrass are ENGAGED

After two mini-seasons that were about engagement, and a finale where two people won - and now this!! It's a perfect cap on the Exhibits! Congratulations to both of you! (Well, let's face it - congratulations to copyright1983 for marrying up and "Well, it could have been worse!" to unmowngrass! ;) But isn't that usually the way? )

To celebrate their engagement - the couple has asked that you check out the Idol Store for things they might enjoy: OK, maybe they didn't ACTUALLY ask that. But the voices in my head sounded like I'd imagine they would sound if they were saying that!

and, if you are so inclined, don't forget the Tip Jar!


I hope the Off-season is being good to you, so far!
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