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Results - Week 19 (Finale)

When I started the Exhibits, I knew that they were going to be something different from a standard Idol season. In the words of Big Brother, I figured that I would be "expecting the unexpected". That was true in Exhibit A where someone amazing showed up from Idol's past and literally just "did her own thing".

With Exhibit B, knowing the twists and turns that I was throwing at people - I wasn't sure how things were going to go. But I knew that I could count on not being able to predict it! True enough, that certainly was the case.

There are two "Idol firsts" in this finale.

We have a tie... which ISN'T the first time that it's happened. (See: Season 2) But what is a first is that there is no run-off, I declared that I would honor the voters. If THEY decided that they wanted two winners, that is what would happen.

There were moments when I wondered if it was going to occur... or if someone would pull a trigger in the last few minutes and put one of them over the top. It almost happened. But then the counter-balance came and evened everything back up again!

The Exhibits were set up as a fundraiser for my engagement. I can't think of a more perfect ending to something about two people coming together than to have two winners!!

Congratulations to lrig_rorrim and the_lettersea: Winners of LJ IDOL: EXHIBIT B!!

Which, yes, that's the second "first"... a guy has "broken the glass ceiling" of Idol for the very first time!!!

Two amazing writers, and one amazing ending to the mini-season!!

Pop the corks and get out there on the dance floor to celebrate!

Dreslinski out.
Tags: exhibit b, finale, results, week 19, winner
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