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Green Room - Week 19 - Day 2

Just so you know - LJ IDOL will not be including any gay couples in our advertising.

Granted, we’re not including any couples, or in fact, people, and we’re not actually doing any advertising. But I think it’s good to let people know where we stand!

We are also opposed to gay adoption!

We’re fine with same sex couples adopting kids, why wouldn’t we be? It’s just ridiculous to think that who someone loves is going to make them bad parents. Plenty of people are bad parents regardless of what is in the pants of the person they are attracted to!

We just oppose extremely happy adoptions. People should be more serious when they are going through the process. Being overly gay about it can lead to impulsive decisions!

We understand that you may disagree and if so, you are welcome to buy someone else’s spaghetti and sauce. I’ve heard good things about Barilla.


I’ve also heard good things about the final entries which will be going up tonight:

“Heard” because they aren’t there yet, so really it’s more of an “I assume good things” about them!
Tags: day 02, exhibit b, green room, week 19
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