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Good morning sportsfans!

Yes, you read that subject line right. The veterans are going "WHAT???" and the newbies are pretty much doing the same thing.

We have a topic this week BUT an unprecedented one - there is not going to be a vote this Friday. This is a non elimination round.

Which makes this very much a never before thing - because honestly, I don't usually tell you how many people will be going in an average week until the vote is posted! There's never been a round that hasn't resulted in elimination. But then again, there also hasn't been over 100 contestants before either. So I figured this would be good practice for you.

The topic itself is straight forward:


The deadline is Friday Nov 2 at 1:00pm EST.

This is your first entry into the world of LJ Idol, there are lots of people who are going to be trying to get the attention of the voters, trying to meet new people, make new connections... the usual. Your first entry, ideally, should be your attempt to let people into who you are and what you are about - a way to get their attention. Which is why I call it "open topic" as well. Because you don't HAVE to make it a straight introduction and I want to make that clear. This is your journal and your play.

This is your shot - and for the FIRST TIME EVER there is no one going home at the end of it, so if you fall down, you just fall down and can get back up next week!

The deadline for the topic is ALSO the end of sign up That's right, the sign up sheet will be closed as of Friday at 1 EST. So tell your friends that if they want to play, this is their last week to make that call!

POST A LINK TO YOUR ENTRY AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST. (The same way you did it in the sign-up process.)

Please don't post any other comments in this thread because otherwise entries might get lost or overlooked due to the sheer number of folks who have signed up. (General chatter - questions - talking about what you have read that you liked - that's why we have the Green Room!)

Good luck - and have fun!

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