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Results - Week 18

When you get near the end of things, you start trying to figure out what you are going to say about someone when they leave. Because sooner or later, everyone does. One of them leaves with a title and an icon, but they still end up leaving.

So you think back on their journey to get to (insert place here) and what you know about them or at least have pieced together from your interactions and cobbled together a few words that you hope manage to get at least some general feeling across. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss… and sometimes you just start babbling in hopes that the words will come out.

kathrynrose finished 3rd place in LJ Idol: Exhibit B.

If you had told me during Season 8 that I would be saying that, I would have laughed.

If you had told me that during her very first season in Idol, I would have probably had to call security to get them to escort you to somewhere that you weren’t a danger to yourself and others.

Why? it wasn’t because she was a bad writer. FAR from it. She has always been quite talented.

But with that talent has always come this edge. Maybe it was insecurity, or a “chip on her shoulder”, maybe it was just a snark that couldn’t be repressed by mortal means - I would sit and watch, season after season, her gain ground and then at some point prove to be her own worst enemy. There was always this point when the ‘screw ‘em” switch would be thrown and the clock would start ticking on what round she would be leaving.

If I were to cast a “Heroes vs Villains” season of Idol, I wouldn’t have even hesitated to put her on the “Villains” tribe! Of course this is Idol, so it probably would have to be “Villains vs Bigger Villains”. :D

If I had done that, there’s a good chance that she would have taken that as a compliment.

Every season is filled with ‘stories” and one that I have been following with a great deal of interest is her emergence into the spotlight. Which is somewhere that she’s never truly been before. She came in as the helpful veteran, and I saw something that I had never witnessed before, and never thought that I would ever witness: I saw people LOVE her. Not “yeah, I like kathrynrose” but actually come out in public and everything to express how much they adored her. She seemed to gain confidence, not only as person but also in her writing… her writing has always been good, but she really hit her stride this time around.

Through ⅔ of the season I would say that her “social game” is one of the best that Idol has ever seen. (Although t think the stress was letting through a lot more snark there at the end!) More important than that though - I also think that she ranks up there with the “most improved writing” from season to season that Idol has seen as well. The support bred confidence and confidence allowed her to finally have some faith in her own writing “voice”.

Which was awesome to witness. Thank you for sharing that journey with all of us. I can’t wait to see what you do next!!
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