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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 6

As someone who actually remembers politics in the 90s, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over the extent that the GOP is continuing to rage against “Obamacare”.

It was literally their idea. Not figuratively. Or even the new definition of literally. Not “well, this part was theirs, but then it got twisted”. Lock stock and barrel “ObamaCare” was the child of the Heritage Foundation think tank and embraced by conservatives and the pillars of the Republican party as the alternative to “HillaryCare” that was going to save health care as we know it and introduce a new level of personal responsibility with mandatory insurance coverage so that people weren’t paying inflated costs due to the uninsured.

Now – it’s socialism that is going to destroy health care, and the country.

And of the course, the Left who hated the GOP plan and thought that it would destroy the country now look at it like it’s the best thing to ever be created!

Which makes me wonder what I said 20 years ago, and how it matches up with what I’d say now! Is there anything that I would have embraced that I now think is the debbil? Anything that I hated that now I can’t imagine my life without?

How about you? Even if it’s not a couple decades, what things did you embrace whole heartily that now you wouldn’t walk across the street to put it out if it caught fire? What changed your mind?

One thing that no one will change their mind on is that we have three great entries and a poll closing tonight!
Segues! Get your segues here!!
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