clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 17

It came down to the wire. Heck, it almost came down to an email! But in the end, it was the wire that did them in…

We lose the only previous Finalist still in the competition - agirlnamedluna, who finished 3rd in her very first attempt at Idol, back in Season 3, after giving birth to the very first Idol Baby She finishes 4th today, with a daughter technically old enough to be an Idol contestant!! She still manages to push getting her entries in to the very last minute though. So, she's definitely consistent! ;)

We are also losing porn_this_way, who showed up in Season 8 to be a thorn in the side of everyone and cause chaos, and ended up becoming a beloved and respected contestant who is just as addicted as everyone else!

Two very different people, who are both awesome at what they do.

Thank you to both of you for coming out this mini-season and for your love of Idol. Believe me, that’s always appreciated.

Please remember to go over to the Community Chest and send me your list of the 5 things you want!
Tags: eliminations, exhibit b, week 17
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