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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 5

As a result of the AMA, people have been asking for the information on how to “give back” to Idol… (I suspect some of those people might also know when my birthday is, and aren’t being as clever as they think they are, BUT I’m not above being shameless, so I’m doing it anyway) obviously, the best way is to continue to vote and support your favorites!

Even better, tell a friend or three about Idol! Go forth and spread the good word!

I did put a link to our "Tip Jar" in yesterday’s Green Room, figuring that it would get buried… but the link didn’t work, so I need to post it again! Right here!
If you *really* want to donate, proceeds go directly to me. No charity. No child in a third world country will eat for a month for the price of your coffee. It will go to me. Well, let’s be honest, it will go to the grocery store, and hopefully, in the near future, it will go to the dentist for the root canal that I’ve been putting off for the last couple of months…

If you like books, music, electronics and well, pretty much everything – you should check out the Idol store at Amazon! Just click the link and shop like normal, OR go through and see all of the great stuff from former Idol contestants/and various Friends of Idol!!

Note: We now have the links for ADRIFT! Which started out here in Idol as a series of entries and is now a book! So go check it out in both paperback and for your Kindle!


So there you go, people who were asking!

Those of you who were not asking, you can now resume your “frist” battle, and telling each other what a “REAL” Miss America looks like!
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