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Green Room - Week 17 - Weekend Edition

First and foremost, here are the new topics: so keep an eye out for the entries as they are posted!

If you missed it yesterday, after an aside comment, I started an AMA.

For those who don't know the term, it stands for "Ask Me Anything".

As I pointed out, I pretty much run a constant AMA with my open door policy. But not everyone may know that. So I figured "Why not?"

We can continue that here, if anyone is still interested.

The only ground rules are that I won't speak ill of any contestants. (and that includes former contestants) So don't bother asking. If you want to know my two least favorite contestants, that shouldn't be *that* hard to guess. (and yes, they were in Season 4)

I won't talk about anything that involves contestants still in this mini season, or reveal how things end.

I, of course, won't tell you who voted for you. :)

If you want me to tell you what I thought of your entry, there's a very good chance that I don't remember it. If you provide a link, I may be able to go back and read it, but most of the time I'm not going to recall how I felt about it *at the time*.

I'm sure there are other rules, but I'm tired, so I'll just put it out there and we will see what (if anything) happens!
Tags: ama, exhibit b, green room, week 17, weekend edition
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