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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 1

The new topics:
The results from last week:


I was looking at our Top Five and trying to figure out if I COULD just pick one, who would it be? People have different criteria for that sort of thing, but the main one would be "Be an Awesome Writer". All Five have ticked off that particular box. My second would be "Be a good person/representative of Idol" = who would I want to have "out there in the world" being the face of Exhibit B? Well, *some* of them qualify for that one too. ;P

My own mental tie-breaker though, as the guy who has to turn around and in a few months/years, tell people what was special about Exhibit B is "What is their story?" and the more that I thought about the Top 5, the more difficult the decision on "Who would You Pick?" became. Because they all have a really good narrative to offer on how they got to this point, and their place in Idol.

It makes me grateful to my Season 3 self for putting the new policy in place that I would vote for everyone, thus nullifying my potential influence and showing support for everyone. Because if I had to cast an actual vote for a winner at this point, I have no idea what I'd be doing!

It also occurred to me that no matter who wins, at this point, the "Typical Idol Winner" - white, female from the Eastern US isn't going to happen. Well, at least one of those things isn't going to happen. ;)

Whatever the outcome, if it's anything like the rest of this mini-season has been, it's going to be interesting!
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