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Green Room - Week 16 - Day 1

OMG! Did you see that unconfirmed report about that thing that the guy did??? He’s horrible. He shouldn’t be allowed out in the street with other people!

Why would anyone ever like a guy like that??? It’s really typical of guys though. They do horrible stuff.

I am going to blog about this right now!!! I read that story blurb and I have all kinds of things that I need to talk about! Things only I can present to the world!!

I wrote it and it’s getting lots of hits!

Hey, it just got picked up on several different sites!

Some of the people commenting sure are idiots! I can’t believe they are allowed to use the same internet as the rest of us!!

There’s another update to the story! Apparently most of the original story was inaccurate, and they are “correcting” the details.

Clearly someone is covering something up. Because people don’t just go post news stories without stopping to make sure the story is right!
I’m going to write a blog about the cover-up and why this guy isn’t just put away for life!!!


Speaking of doing horrible stuff:

The new topic is up at:
And the results from last week:
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