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Topic - Week 11

This is where it gets fun. No intersections this week. Just some good old fashioned decisions to make.

You have to write TWO ENTRIES this week. No biggie, right? I'm giving you 24 choices and no topic choice can be used more than twice. (Once the second person "claims" it, it is off the market to be chosen)

Some of these were from Contestants in Exhibit B, and some were "left over" from Exhibit A - just to keep things interesting! ;)

Here are your choices:

One Hit Wonder - michikatinski, halfshellvenus
out of gas - mythingperson, the_lettersea
@%$&#!!! - m1ss1ngcupcake, meepalicious
Prom - meepalicious, x_disturbed_x
Asia in F Minor - alycewilson, recklessblues
Corduroy- alexpgp, belleweather
Budgerigars- alexpgp,
World Leader Pretend - cheshire23, mythingperson
uniform fading - eeyore_grrl, padf00t
In the Dragon's Eye - lrig_rorrim, roina_arwen
Across the Fence - m1ss1ngcupcake, tatdatcm
In the Bag - porn_this_way, halfshellvenus
Nothing special - lrig_rorrim, kathrynrose
Paper Roses roina_arwen, favoritebean
Rocky road -tatdatcm, the_lettersea
Sabbath - oxymoron67, agirlnamedluna
into the drake - agirlnamedluna, favoritebean
an eye for an eye - michikatinski, porn_this_way
shaken, not stirred - kathrynrose, belleweather
"Respect the thorn" - x_disturbed_x, eeyore_grrl
Grown ups - acalculatedname, cheshire23
Nostalgia -acalculatedname, oxymoron67
Bdellovibrio - recklessblues
Bedazzled - padf00t, alycewilson

The deadline to link your entries back here is Wednesday, August 7th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!
Tags: exhibit b, topic, week 11

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Recent Posts from This Community