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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 5

The deadline for getting your entries in is TONIGHT. So, if you have been sitting around, thinking, “I’ve got time…” that time is rapidly shrinking!

Speaking of rapid shrinkage, there are a couple fundraising campaigns that I am going to point you toward. Why? Because I want to. What do they have to do with shrinkage, rapid or otherwise? Absolutely nothing.

Some local friends are trying to open up a Community Café. Details can be found at

(or rather, where I used to live – but I could still, in theory, get out there and enjoy said café)

There is also something for those who love their table top role playing games, that I thought was pretty neat, especially since it’s coming from one of our own, an Idoler! They are doing custom RPG maps, and they look pretty awesome.

So check these out and if you can, help. If you can’t – then perhaps spread the word to someone who can!

Something that *does* have to do with shrinkage is a discussion that I saw on (name redacted) about the current state of LJ. Someone brought up the very good point that if everyone who posted that LJ was dead, would just post an actual entry on LJ – that would be part of the solution to bringing some energy back to the site. So, in theory, if people actually follow through, LJ might be seeing more actively. I certainly hope so, since Idol has been holding this roof up by ourselves for the longest time now! ;) Well, OK, there are the ONTD groups, but really, we’re the ones producing quality! ;)

So, thank you for that – and keep on doing it!
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