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Green Room - Week 4 - Day 7

The further we get into “the summer months”, the rougher it gets on LJ. At least that’s been my personal experience with it. Other people have their own takes – but things tend to die down once the kids get out of school and families start taking vacations. Which might say more about the Idol demographic than LJ’s in general. Given Livejournal’s current demographic, I’d say that they probably have more of a “low turn-out” ratio when the Russian government isn’t coming out against homosexually. When it is – everyone shows up, and overloads the servers.

The reason that I bring this up, is that word of mouth is going to be even more crucial for the rest of this mini season than it usually is – granted, Idol has gone into this time of year before, but never “one month in”. Even in the early seasons, we always came in with some serious momentum, and people following what was going to happen next.

Which means that if you want to see your favorites stick around – start talking about them. Not just to each other (which is always a good thing to do, regardless). But also mentioning them wherever it is that you go when you aren’t here. Which – I still don’t “get” that. You should just give those places up. They don’t love you like we love you! ;)

Take a look at the poll: - who isn’t getting the love you think they deserve? What is it that you like about their entry? Or, if this might have not been their best, what is it that you think that they are bringing to the table that will end up showing up in their future entries that you don’t want other people to miss?
Tags: day 07, exhibit b, green room, week 4
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