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Season 3 - Final Vote!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
So here we are.

The last vote. The end of the epic journey that we like to call Season 3 of LJ Idol.

Nobel has a little prize. So do folks like Pulitzer, Emmy and Oscar. They have lots of little friends that roam around the countryside handing out awards.

But everyone knows the REAL prize. The right to have an icon, a banner and the title of LJ IDOL. That's what sparked 72 people to abandon their everyday life and throw themselves into the seemingly ceaseless battering waves of the world of Live Journal. Three of them have stayed on the life raft, hanging out so as not to be swept out and smashed against the rocks.

But, in the end, as Highlander has taught us, there can only be one.
As a great philosopher once said: There's only one Eiffel Tower, One finest hour, one New York town, one 5th avenue, There's only one Mona Lisa, one Leaning Tower Of Pisa, one Paris and there's only one Lj Idol

But I digress. As I do when it comes to this moment. I really dislike this moment, wanting to keep things going forever, wanting to stay for just a little bit longer with all of you, and knowing that the time has come at last for that one last hurrah, to crown the new Idol and to slip back into the dark until the next Season rolls around.

Whoever wins this time deserves it. There's not a doubt in my mind that all 3 of these women will make a remarkable Idol.

Read their entries, where they make the case for themselves and for the others - and make sure you take the time to make a very careful vote for the one you feel will carry the title the best, the one who deserves to be THE NEXT LJ IDOL because this is it - no more topics, no more polls... it's this poll and then Season 3 comes to a close. So choose wisely.

Voting ends tomorrow, Friday July 20th at 2pm EST. You can vote for one, two or all 3 of them. But in the end, there will be only one of these wonderfully talented ladies walking away as the ultimate winner and your next LJ Idol.

Good luck to all of you - and again, thank you for a wonderful season.

Deep breaths everyone. We are about to find out how this ends. Let's get to it!

Poll #1024435 LJ Idol, Season Three, Week Twenty-Five, The Final Three!

The Ballot:

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