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Results - Week 2

It’s been a strange, and definitely thought-provoking week - and I’m not even talking about what has been going on at Idol!

But since we are gathered here, and that’s probably what you want to hear about right now, I guess it’s best to get on with the business at hand.

I’ll handle the worst news first, since it’s the first time that Second Chance Idol will be eliminating folks this mini-season, and that’s never an easy thing. In the early stages, it’s really easy to find yourself out before you know it. Fortunately, they did get a couple weeks under their belt. But just as unfortunately, things just didn’t work out. I hope that when you get the chance, you go back and read their work over the next couple of weeks. Idol has a history of “early boots” coming back the following season and doing really well. I hope that they will stick around, Home Game, and continue that tradition.

Goodbye to dawnstar and fred_fierce

Those leaving from the other tribes will be joining the depleted Second Chancers next week.

The tie-inspired “Sudden Death” tribe is losing ashgaelsonaria and padf00t
and the main competition is offering up to the SCI fates:

There were scheduled to be two more being sent off, but due to another tie, they will to sent to a slightly different fate. Except for thegrimms who has been spared by a surprise immunity necklace from kajel!
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