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the topic you didn't think you would see....

So here we are... the FINAL 3


A favorite from the beginning - welfy who blew the doors off with her entries, and votes, from the very first day when she missed the deadline and decided to write something anyway! Her work has put aside any doubts that someone could start strong and finish strong. Clearly she can.

A favorite from the middle - bettybaker who has grown from another member of the pack to a mid-season favorite to be in the finals who managed to put aside any doubts that someone *could* make that rise, and that they could actually *grow* in this competition. Clearly she can.

A favorite from the end - agirlnamedluna solid player throughout the season who simply put rocked the last few weeks and put aside any doubts that even late in the game, someone who's work never got the appreciation it deserved during the season could emerge into a favorite. Clearly she can.

We started this ride with our first topic on Jan 22. Nearly 6 months ago.

Today we have our last twist. The final twist of SEASON THREE OF LJ IDOL, taken from the pages of Survivor...

This is our final round.

The 3 of you will face off on one last topic, with the winner taking it all.

The topic is simple, it's straight forward, and of course has it's own inherent hardships to write.*g* It's a two parter:

Why I should win LJ Idol and Why my Opponents should win LJ Idol

See? Simple. Spell out why you should be named the next LJ IDOL and then make the case for other two!

Entries are due to be linked back here on Thursday July 19th at noon EST but if you all get them in sooner we will proceed to the voting sooner.

Thank you for an AMAZING season. You are all winners. . . but only one of you will end up as the next LJ IDOL - and now is the time to make the case!

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