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Topic - Week 1

I try my best to give clues about a season so that I can blindside you and point back and say “I TOLD YOU it was coming!”

I can honestly say that there is no doubt in my mind that gave plenty of warning, as clear back as the tail end of Exhibit A when I would throw out references to Project Runway. Their last season was a huge inspiration for me on how I wanted to start this one.

I promised that there would be a twist on an “old favorite” and that it would be revealed as early as Week 1.

I didn’t lie. All of these things were completely true.

Last season of Project Runway was “the teams edition”, where people worked together creating fashion. Which is perfect, because (as they stated frequently) people in fashion *do* end up working on teams to create lines of clothing.

In writing, it’s not a “team” in the traditional sense but you do develop a collaboration with your beta readers (both official and the “hey, can you read this?” friend that we all have)

Which is why we are starting this season off right, with an INTERSECTION.

Last week you selected someone to write about - this week you are selecting someone to write WITH. You are both writing your own separate entry - Your pieces can tie in with each other anyway you want. Have fun with it.

Keeping in mind that all of the topics this season have come from YOU and your fellow contestants - so if you love them, I selected them from those sent in, and if you don’t, then you can blame them!

There are two topics. One of you will write one of them, your partner will write the other:

They are: You Gave Everything You Possibly Could
Chillin' Like a Villain

Select your partner and post your the links to your entries here by Thursday, May 16th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!

Reminder: That Topic posts are for posting links to entries. You may declare your pairs, once you have them. But please edit your comments to include your links. Feel free to use either the current Green Room or the Results Week 0 post to find a partner:
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Recent Posts from This Community