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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 2

The deadline is coming up in slightly less time than it will take for the internet to, once again, turn on the Onion! So make sure you claim someone, and write their introduction!

I know that some people love intersections (working with someone else) and some hate them. But this isn’t a traditional intersection. It’s literally you writing something completely on your own. It just so happens that it is about someone else. (and given how many times your work is about “someone else”, it’s really not all that different) You don’t have to even contact the person, if you really don’t want to – just claim someone, who hasn’t already been claimed, and write something about them!

I know the bigger issue though isn’t about the specific topic. It’s about being an introvert, or just being uncomfortable in general meeting new people.

Believe me, I know the world of the introvert. In real life, I’m much more of one – and my girlfriend makes me look like an extrovert working on commission! In the last two years, I’ve been forced outside of my comfort zone as a result!

But I also know what social interaction can do for your writing. Not just in the realm of publishing, where it’s pretty much a necessity, but just in terms of getting and receiving the constructive criticism people need to get better. Heck, reaching out and working with someone is a built-in audience, and I don’t think there is anyone who would sign up for something like this and *not* want an audience! :D

The Green Room is a great way for you to get your metaphorical feet wet, by joining into conversations at your own pace. Most of the people don’t bite…. Um… OK… they do. Almost all of the people here bite. But many of them are on meds, so they are getting better!! Um… ok… a few of them remember to take those meds… ;)

It’s also a good excuse to grab someone you already know, and force them to sign up! Sign Ups are still open for the next few days, so I would go get them now! Blindside them when they aren’t paying attention, and when they wake up, they will be one of us!!


Happy Birthday to porn_this_way! If you asked me, a few years ago, if I would ever say those particular words in a Green Room, I would have said “No”, but hey, that’s her name!
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