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Topic - Week 0

Sign-ups are still open.

But why make you sit around and get to know each other when I can instead have you writing?

The "Week 0 topic" is traditionally a non-required, but good to get some practice, "Introduction" piece. After all, not everyone knows each other. Some people write a "and I like such-and-such" and others use it as a jumping off piece for folks to get the first sample of their work.

People approach these things in different ways,

and this mini-season is no exception.

Because this week your task is to Introduce someone else!

That's right. Pick someone else who is signed up for this season, and write an entry introducing them!

Can it be fiction? Yes. Can it be non-fiction? Sure. Can it be interpretive dance? If you can find a way to fit it into an LJ entry, sure!

The trick is, as usual, no one can introduce the same person!

For those new to the process: You write your entries on your own LJ and link them back to this post. Please only post links to this.  (in this case, it's OK to "claim" someone. But please edit your post to add the link once you do)

The deadline to link your entries here is Thursday, May 9th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!

Tags: exhibit b, topic, week 0

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