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Green Room - Sign-Up Week - Day 4

They say that you should live every day like it was the last day of your life.

I imagine this is because you can never be too sure when that bomb I attached to your car is going to go off! Of course, I may not have actually gotten *your* car. In which case your neighbor sure is in for one nasty surprise!

In the words of Elvis Costello, “Welcome to the Working Week”, and more importantly, to Idol.

Sign-ups are still happening:

I’ll admit, even though we are close to our minimum number of people before we start – I’d much rather have the maximum. It makes for a better time, and given the nature of the “special mini-season”, and it’s purpose, maximum is *much* better!

I always say that it’s a good time to tell a friend about Idol – and from all of the newbies coming out for this mini-season, it seems that some of you have taken that to heart! Thank you, and welcome to everyone playing for the first time!

It almost makes me regret the torture that I will put you through. Almost.

Who am I kidding… I don’t! ;)

I always say it, but it’s definitely true this time around!  So spread the word!


I have noticed people commenting to the previous day, or so, Green Rooms. Which is awesome. But, especially with the friending frenzy thing, it’s always good to speak up again if you were at the tail end. Because not everyone keeps following the older rooms!  (I’m always afraid that someone will think they are being ignored. For the most part, the only one who is ignoring you is me. And that’s because you are a bunch of commie hippie foreigners trying to sneak over the borders of my apartment (aka ‘Merica) trying to steal my jobs!
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