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Exhibit B: FAQ


What the hell is this?

If you were expecting a traditional Idol, you will have to wait for a little while longer!

However, if you can’t get the thought of playing Idol out of your head, but don’t have as much time as a traditional season takes, you might be luck!

This is LJ Idol: Exhibit B!

I’m not familiar with LJ Idol at all, what is it?

It is a writing competition on Livejournal that has been around for 8 seasons (about 7 years).

Last season’s FAQ might be helpful, particularly the technical notes about how to post images and tags.

This particular FAQ assumes that you have some passing familiarity with Idol and how it works. BUT if you don’t know, always feel free to ask. If I’m not personally around, there is usually a veteran or fifteen around that will be more than willing to answer! :)

How is Exhibit A different than traditional Idol?

A lot of the elements are the same: I give you a topic, you write something and post a link to it in the topic thread by the given deadline. There is a vote, and people on the bottom are eliminated.

That part hasn’t changed. What IS different though:

- This will only last 3 ½ - 4 months (as opposed to nearly a year).
- It will be limited to 75 to 100 people. (as opposed to a growing number in the hundreds)
- This will NOT count toward “time survived” in Idol. Nor will it count to disqualify someone who wins from playing the “Real Idol”. WHICH ALSO MEANS THAT PREVIOUS IDOL WINNERS CAN PLAY!
- There is a suggested $5 (US) donation. If you can’t donate, no problem. But donors will be given priority in the available slots. People may also choose to donate more, and “sponsor” someone who otherwise couldn’t play.

Send your donation via paypal (or amazon, details for that are on the front page) to or Please include your username and TWO TOPICS. That’s right, send me your topic ideas as well. They may not be used this special season. But at least one of them will show up before the end of Season 9. Just another benefit!

- A collection of some of the best work may be included in an e-book to be published after the mini-season is over.

How does Exhibit B differ from Exhibit A?

It’s one letter further in the alphabet!

I also have some twists in mind that people have been clamoring for - including one that takes place pretty much from Week 1 Day 1 that should shake a few people up! What is Idol if not an excuse to shake some people up? :)

Is this a fundraiser?

Yes. All money raised through donations will go directly to the fund to get a “specific item” to ask a certain person a life-changing question.

Idol IS my “second job”. (Although, time-wise it tends to be my first! Shhh...) and the choice was between working a traditional job, and not giving you Idol for at least another year OR giving you a special event Idol that people can opt into! This is the second, and last, mini-season before the start of Season 9!

Note, it’s a donation so once you are eliminated, no, you can’t get a refund! ;)

Also, if you donate, and then you can’t make Week 1 - you can apply your donation to someone else to sponsor them.

If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll see you sometime later! If you DO though, thanks, and I hope you have a good time!

What does the winner receive?

Officially? An icon and Internet Fame!

Unofficially? There are some private individuals who might be supplying some items for the Community Chest, much like we had in Exhibit A. More details as they decide to talk about them. These aren’t from me, but rather people who wanted to “give to the cause” in their own way by encouraging people to sign up!

Where do I sign up?

The official sign up sheet will be posted shortly! Tell your friends!
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