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Results - Week 14, Finale

Ladies and Gentlemen... or whatever it is that one would call those such as yourselves...

We come together today not to celebrate the successful completion of LJ Idol: Exhibit A, an adventure that we took. We do not come to pat each other on the back and talk of good times.

No, we come to bask in the glory of a victor and for all before them to crumble to the feet of the Winner and Champion of our first ever mini-season!

Maybe there can be some celebrating of everyone's accomplishments too. If you insist. Mostly though, it's about closing up the Green Room and sending in the cleaning crews. You weren't in there all that long, but man did you manage to stink up the place!!

Anyway - getting to the matter at hand...

In FOURTH PLACE, we have the one and only talon
In THIRD PLACE, we have the complete and utter duplicate of milk_and_glass
In a stunning SECOND PLACE finish, after coming back from SECOND CHANCE IDOL. (there is something about "second" going on...) impoetry!

And of course, our winner. Who came in as one of the last people to sign up, and almost didn't - someone that I have long listed as someone who I would have loved to see in an "All Star" season, coming back and proving to everyone, but especially to herself, that she has something truly special, that is is something very special -

Please join me in congratulating our FIRST EVER MINI-SEASON WINNER, and Champion of Exhibit A:

Tags: exhibit a, week 14, winner
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