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Green Room - Week 14 - Day 7

When we kicked this mini-season off, I originally said that it would be about 2 months. Once we got a lot more people than I was expecting (in a little over 24 hours!) I pushed it up to around 3 months.

Week 1 kicked off January 21st. So, we are about a week or so over that mark. I think, all in all, that the pace was pretty good, under the circumstances!

In that length of time, I think that we managed to pack in quite a bit of writing!

Including the FINALE: Which is coming to a head TONIGHT!

Who will win? Who will place? Who will show? Who will go “wee wee wee, all the way home?”


Two of those who are eligible have opted to not take anything from the Community Chest, so that someone else can! The next two people who are eligible to select are:

kittenboo and myrna_bird

Congratulations! Take a look over at and let me know your Top 10 choices!
Tags: day 07, exhibit a, green room, week 14
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