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Green Room - Week 13 - Day 1

Good morning, Idolers.

I read a comment this morning about how “one religion is prone to acts of terrorism” and I couldn’t agree more!

It is way past due that we, as a global society, take a good hard look at how to deal with the Irish Catholics!

That Thatcher is so weak on terrorism that she just sits back and allows her cities to be bombed on a regular basis!

We need to remove all the foreigners from the country, and the Irish Catholics, and then we will be safe! Right? Who’s with me???

Well, OK, technically, I’m going to remove you as well and then build a wall around my apartment/country to keep you from sneaking over to steal my jobs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t also be with me on this one!

In other news – we had results last night, and sent two people home:

And a new topic, for the SEMI-FINALS:
Tags: day 01, exhibit a, green room, week 13
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