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Green Room - Week 12 - Day 4

After the discussion a few days ago, I was thinking about “How do you bring ‘single contestant voters’ into the fold?” Because that’s something that happens quite a bit, people will start off just showing up because they really like their friend, and end up checking out other writers, and before they know it, they are hooked! Next thing you know they are hanging out by the dumpsters at libraries, hoping that someone might throw away a short essay and getting treated at the Free Clinic for a broken F5 finger.

I happen to really like “rec lists”. I know there are times when they aren’t the most popular things, but for the life of me I can’t understand why. Unless of course, the people who oppose them never tell their friends about anything else they like. “Did you see a cool move? Hear a new band? PLEASE DON’T POST ABOUT THEM!” No one wants to hear what you like! That’s not what blogging is for! Spend more time posting cat pictures! Unless of course, you can post rec lists in the form of cat pictures. “This cat wants a cheeseburger – and another entry from (fill in your favorite writer)”

When they see someone they trust – you – telling them “Hey, check this out” – it has a way to transforming single contestant voters into “willing to go on a blind date with that entry” people – maybe even into “it’s complicated”! Until before they realize it, things aren’t all that “complicated” anymore and they are full on “in a relationship” with many different writers, like the poly-LJ users that they are, embracing diversity and gender-neutral pronouns!

Check out the entries as they come in:
And hopefully the remaining 6 will get on it, and start posting their entries there! : D
Tags: day 04, exhibit a, green room, week 12
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