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Green Room - Week 11 - Day 4

The Iron Lady is dead.

Long Live Zombie Thatcher!


This time of year has traditionally been a slow one on LJ. From late March into late August is a pretty dry patch for commenting. Heck, you don’t see many updates from people that aren’t the latest installments in the story of when Dumbledore was a *very* bad Head Master and the Weasley twins had to take him to task.

Given the whole “Death of LJ” saga, this is going to increase the “everyone is leaving the site!” talk. Maybe they are. Or maybe they are *also* doing things at other sites, but coming back to LJ from time to time. Or perhaps, as has been discussed, the social aspect has moved elsewhere, while the journaling aspect continues on without the vocal audience. (more of the journal and less of the “live”.)

So the question becomes – what do you do about it? Do you follow the exodus, in search of an audience? Or do you find the places that *are* active, and try your best to promote the kind of interaction that you *want*? People always say that if you want comments, you need to comment to others – but so many folks don’t want to make the first move. Which, seemingly, leads into the “no one wants me here” feeling where old social phobias come into play in a continuously evolving digital environment. (and believe me, I know that feeling all too well) Social groups change as well – I know that I was the center of a “real life” one, that over the past two years has dissolved into a bunch of much smaller groups, where people interact, but just not as much. It’s not that they aren’t still being social – it’s that their social circles have moved, and that no longer includes some of the people from that formerly big group that used to get together.

We still get together now and then, and it’s nice – but it’s not “the same”. Then again, some of the relationships that I’ve formed from the smaller groups have ended up being *better* than they were. So, it’s less about the size of the group as it is the quality that everyone is putting into it!


The new entries are due faster than North Korea can launch a missile attack: - so you’d better hurry to make sure your entries/those of your favorites are in on time!
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