clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Topic - Week 11

11 competitors left in the game. 11 topics - you know the drill, but wait these are not the same ones as before! I previously asked if there was anyone who had not seen their topic yet, to make sure that I didn't misplaced any, and of course, I had. So, here are some of those - along with a few more that I’ve had waiting in the wings!

Pick your topic from the following:

What goes around, comes around - halfshellvenus
Bamboozled -audreybuttercup
Jack In The Box - kathrynrose
twisted - lrig_rorrim
"And so it begins..." - eeyore_grrl
unspoken - zephyrly
the best is yet to come - impoetry
stairway to heaven - milk_and_glass
Decaffeinated - applespicy
"It takes a very steady hand" - theun4givables

and then link your entry back to this thread by Monday, April 8th at 9pm EDT

Oh, and have fun!
Tags: exhibit a, topic, week 11
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