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Results - Week 10

It’s that time again. That painful time when we have to say goodbye to folks who have been making this journey with us.

When I hit “submit”, we will be at Top 11 of Exhibit A. But in order to get there, I also have to publish the names of those leaving. So perhaps we will just stay in this in-between place for a while longer, contemplating the ins and the outs of the universe, uncovering the mysteries, together.

Oh, but they also want their new topic though don’t they? Which means that things need to march forward to the conclusion.

I guess that means that I actually have to make this post after all.

Sorry about that. Blame them! I tried! :)

Those leaving us this week are:

Fortunately, we have reached the part of the game where people are able to select something from the Community Chest . Please make a list of your Top 5 choices and send it to me at (Remember, please select things you will actually make good use of, in order to make sure everyone gets something that they will enjoy!)

beldar this goes for you as well since I never did receive that list!

So that’s better, at least, than being the best looking Attorney General!
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