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It's really straight forward. There are two lists of topics. You will pick one from A and one from B.

A is current events and are bigger subjects to tackle, B well, isn't.*g*

You will be writing one of each.

The lists are first come, first served. There are 5 topics in each, so no one will get "stuck" with one, although obviously the sooner you grab the ones you want, the better.

Here are the topics:

1. Alternative Energy Solutions and how to implement them
- claimed by welfy

2. These Borders are Made for Walling: India's border fence solution

3. Whatfor Darfur? Solving the Humanitarian Crisis
: claimed by agirlnamedluna

4. I've Got Kurds in my Turkey - I've got Turkey in my Kurds: the potentially explosive border crisis in Northern Iraq
- claimed by [Bad username: bettybaker"]

5. I Like Chinese: Contamination in China's food industry and how it impacts the global marketplace
- claimed by spydielives


1. My Favorite Book
claimed by welfy

2. The last thing that made me cry
claimed by spydielives

3. What I like about me

4. My Favorite Movie
claimed by bettybaker

5. My Favorite Pet
claimed by agirlnamedluna

Link both of your entries back here by Monday July 16th at 1pm EST

Good luck.
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