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Sorry for the delay. I had to make sure about the voting and do some last minute checking to ensure the accuracy of the results. (Well that and I was called away to do a special project at work. Darn that work, don't they know Idol is happening!*g*)

This week we say goodbye to the youngest person ever to make it this far - and the most devoted player I've ever seen - twirlandswirl.

In sports they talk about the spirit of players who "play hurt". She played hurt. She played sick. She played through exams and all the ups and downs of a college life, and a life extended across two cities hours apart from each other, arranging things so she could continue to participate in LJ Idol.

Her writing improved a great deal during the course of the contest, and even in the end, it was her schedule that was the death of her. No one has ever pimped so long and so hard, infusing her own passion for the game into her friends list, and theirs... and theirs... she has a lot to be proud of, and her record for votes is going to be a hard one to pass any time soon.

She rose through the ranks - from the first person out last season, to leaving us in fifth place this one.

Thank you twirlandswirl for an amazing run.


Which means that your FINAL FOUR are:


Two from the top of the alphabet, two from the bottom. Two that joined my FL during the course of the season, two who did not. (mentioned only because *I* personally find it interesting, given that season 1 was almost entirely my FL.*g*)

Four incredible writers out to take an amazing adventure to the top. Two of them will fall short. 1 of them will come within inches. . . and the last one standing will be your NEXT LJ IDOL

Next topic(s) posted soon . . . be ready. . .
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