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Green Room - Week 9 - Day 5

People have been asking me what LJ Idol is doing to show our support for Marriage Equality.

Obviously, this is a very important week in the United States for the issue of same sex marriage, and all around the internet, people are taking drastic steps such as changing their facebook profile picture and sharing photos from various sites. People against such things are of course spending their time trolling Amazing Race and CBS blogs to complain about the leg in Vietnam.

It'e so important that while I was in Washington a couple weeks ago, Chief Justice Roberts asked me to meet with him to discuss the issue. I'll tell you the same thing that I told him:

- I celebrate equality at least once a week by eliminating people: You all look alike to me anyway.

- The issue doesn't concern Real 'Mericans. Which are, of course, the people who live in my apartment. I'm not gay, and neither are my cats. Which means that this is an issue pertaining to the damn hippie foreigners who live outside the borders of the only real and true place in the world.

I think we should just count ourselves lucky that they aren't trying to marry those trees that they can't stop hugging.

Since they live in a not-real place and have not-real "lives", does it really matter who they love and want to spend the rest of their "lives" with? As long as they show up to get eliminated, as is right and proper, why should anyone else care?
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