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Green Room - Week 8 - Day 8

I mentioned it in yesterday’s Green Room, but I was reading one of the many articles goingaround: about howyou shouldn’t use the “imagine if it were your sister/wife/daughter” method to engage people on apersonal level, to bring it home to them about how it could impact their own life. Because whilethose things may be true, it isn’t who they are. Saying their relationship to a man isn’t, and shouldn’t be what defines them. No one should do unspeakable things to them. Period. Not because they can be identified as “something relatable” but because they are fellow humanbeings, and you should respect fellow human beings.

This got me thinking...given that the how you take in life is completely subjective by it’s very nature (Unless you can somehow experience it in a way that *isn’t* fundamentally filtered through your own senses, experiences, and perceptions) can you ever truly have empathy for other people or creatures without filtering it as how it relates to you?

“Another person”, “another creature on this planet”, “another living being” all of those have theimplied “like me” attached. You treat people like you would want to be treated. Or like you wouldwant the people you care about treated, and as you grow older and understand more about theworld around you, you extend that caring to wider and wider circles. (Or in some cases, it shrinks. Damn kids... get off my lawn!!!)

It’s a complete side note, because I get what they are saying. But it’s one that I find interesting...given how much ego comes into play, and how much people are the stars of their own lives, with everything else that happens filtered into how it affects them, or how much they care about the effects on others.

Which is why it’s easier just to treat everyone that I meet as “Other”, damn foreigners who areout to steal ‘Merican jobs.Fortunately, you all look alike to me. So I can spot you right away! I amgoing to build a giant fence to keep you out! Because that’s apparently the best way to deal with “people” like you!

While I am putting the fence up, keep yourself busy with this poll:

Also - “Wanna know what you’re playing for?” (I’ve always wanted to say that!) then check outthe new additions to the Community Chest:
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