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Exhibit A - Community Chest

Now that we are back into one group, it’s time to reveal the “incentives” that were mentioned at the beginning of the season.

These are “prizes” that have been donated by Friends of Idol, that will be distributed among the Top (insert number of incentives here).

There are more that have been discussed, but not yet finalized. If anyone wants to throw something into this pot, let me know at

As of now, we have:

1. An editorial letter (overall feedback, not line-editing) on a first fifty pages - from Christopher Buelman (author of “Those Across the River” and “Between Two Fires”and nominee for World Fantasy Award for best novel in 2012)

2. An editorial letter on a first fifty pages or an hour coaching session for their writing career. - from LJ Idol Season 8 winner whipchick aka Allison Williams

3. A copy of "Idol Musings" (provided by spydielives

4. A copy of the novel “Welcome to River Street” by our own spydielives

5. A copy of "Idol Meanderings" (provided by oneonthefence

6. An original story, based on your prompt, from theafaye - item withdrawn

New item: A Writer's Book Bundle of:

Carolyn See - Making a Literary Life
Betsy Lerner - The Forest For the Trees
Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird
(from whipchick/Allison Williams of

7. One advanced copy of the eBook (in the recipient's requested format) of "Chasing the Bright Shiny" by spydielives

8. One of kandigurl's famous custom hula hoops!

9. 20 "Tiny Rhymes" of one-word prompts of the winner's choosing; samples can be found in my posts here: or here: in either a PDF format or printed into a tiny chapbook, possibly hand-decorated with stamped images (as time and subject matter allows). (from roina_arwen)

10. From Destiny: "Copy Editing for first 30 pages. I was copy editor of The Birch (an undergraduate journal for Slavic and Eurasian culture at Columbia University), did a short stint of copy editing for the Free Press at University of Southern Maine, and composed communications for staff and donors through Columbia University's development office. This service could also be applied to resumes and cover letters or academic papers. This offering may also come with some content notes, whether you want it or not.
*(If someone really does not have need of copy editing, I can offer a handcrafted jewelry item or knitted accessory for home or person instead).

11. A copy of "The Edge of the Map" by belgatherial in either a signed physical copy or a digital. (your choice)

12. a custom crochet monster from zephyrly

13. Handmade quilted bag Light blue denim and red and blue check fabric with pockets inside and out from myrna_bird

14. A copy of "The Art of Life", a book of essays from alycewilson

15. An 8x10 autographed print from!i=1957984188&k=CG9Ktbx /phoenixsansfyr

16. A copy of the book "A Break for Beauty" by milk_and_glass (either as a Kindle edition or a physical copy, your choice)

17. An original story, based on your prompt, from lrig_rorrim

18. An original story, based on your prompt, from halfshellvenus
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