clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results and the TOP FIVE

Well, we have our 5, with tryslora going down swinging with one of her best entries to date. She went from practically vanishing at times in the middle of the pack to absolutely shining and continuing to impressive as she made her way, ultimately, to #6!

Out of a crowded field of 72, that's quite a feat. Congratulations to her for making it that far - and congratulations to our top 5 for making it to this point.

The competition has heated up in a major way and it really is anyone's game.

Who will have what it takes to make it to the finals????

agirlnamedluna: The Sentimental Favorite who emerged from the middle of the pack to her rightful place among the top contenders. She's the second "non US resident" to make it to this point, and the soon to be mother of the first LJ Idol baby, and may very well be letting us name her first born should she win!! (ok, probably not, but she *might*)

bettybaker: The Odds On Favorite The "Sexy Wisewoman" has risen up the ranks the old fashioned way, one vote at a time. . . emerging as the one with the most momentum and a continually growing fan base. Has she peaked or just hit her stride?

spydielives: The Contestant's Favorite: the winner of the Spirit of LJ Idol award, given by her fellow contestants. a consistant dedicated performer who came out of nowhere with hard work and a focused drive.

twirlandswirl: The Dark Horse Favorite. Why the dark horse??? That's an awfully big statement. But she is the only veteran left in this competition... and that's by a technicality! She signed up last season and forgot about it, and was the first one eliminated!!! She's already the youngest to make it this far, can she be the first to go from last to first?

welfy: The Early Favorite. She missed the very first round and would have been eliminated had she not decided to post an entry anyway, to show what she could do... and wow, did she show it!! Since then she's been at the top of most people's lists as "the one to beat"!

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