clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 3

I said that we would be eliminating the bottom six contestants this round. But I funny thing happened on the way to the end of the poll: we had a tie for the last spot!

So, instead of just eliminating both of them, I am going to put them through their paces. So, everywordiwrite and shadowwolf13, you have a special TIE-BREAKER TASK!

You have to meet BOTH the Second Chance and Main Competition deadlines. It’s If you both can do it, you both stay in. If one falls, the other stays in. If you both miss one of the deadlines, you are eliminated from the main competition and will be a part of the Second Chance crowd!

I’m not sure if that’s the “Good News” or the “Bad News”.

Which is kind of what the rest of the announcement is, after all - it’s bad that they have been eliminated from the main competition, but as part of Second Chance Idol, they will still be around and have a shot at getting back into the action!

So, goodbye (for now) to:


and welcome into the ranks of SCI! Good luck to all of you!
Tags: eliminations, exhibit a, week 3
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