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Green Room - Week 3 - Day 2

Yesterday’s Green Room reminded me about the concept of shaming.

I fully approve of shaming.

In fact, we used to have a “List of Shame” that would be posted with the names of contestants who hadn’t posted their entries within half a day or so of the deadline. As the day went on, and they got their entries in, we would cross them off. On one hand, it showed the power of a good shaming. People got their entries in! Of course, that just motivated others to actively wait until that list was posted just so they could see their names!

Heck, there are *cough* SOME PEOPLE who know full well that there isn’t an official List Of Shame anymore, but still wait for last minute just in case it is ever brought back. Or, maybe so they can make their own personal mental list!

Of course, even at the time there were people who got upset about the notion of “shaming”, even though it’s not about who someone is, or anything about themselves that can’t be helped, but rather an active thing they are doing related to the decisions that they make. (in this case, being layabouts and slackers too busy with this fancy “life” thing they have going to sit down and write!)

Those upset with the notion actively engaged in “Shame shaming”. Which is a shame in and of itself.

As far as the bigger picture of “shaming” goes, there are obvious things that people shouldn’t be ashamed of, and pretty much all of them involve “who they are”. I used that in quotes, because of course, “who they are” is exactly why I think most “people” should be ashamed. Because they are not me, and not being me, they should feel bad about that! ;)

Is noting that the old creepy smelly guy on the bus is wearing a shirt several sizes too small and has his gut hanging out “fat shaming”, “age shaming”, “slob shaming” (“we’re taking back the word ‘slob’!) , “smelly shaming” or perhaps “shirt sizeist”? Is it just who he is and we should all embrace and celebrate it?

Is it wrong to mention that a “certain celebrity” was tried, and found guilty of a lesser charge, involving a double homicide? I’ve recently been told that it is, because “you weren’t there, you don’t know what happened”. I certainly wouldn’t want to accused of “killer shaming”.

Obviously, these are extreme examples. But they are also both things that I have actually heard discussed. Heck, I’ve heard people who cheated on their spouses say that people shouldn’t “slut shame” them for what they did and how they did it. Which seems, to me at least, a misappropriation of people being sex-positive. I guess they just see it as “sex-positive”, “rules of agreed on behavior in a relationship-negative”.

I won’t say that I don’t have all the answers. Because of course, I do. But pretending for a moment that I didn’t, then no one would, and we would be making up codes of social behavior as we went along, adjusting them to allow for more acceptance toward each other as we went along. Which means sometimes we would get it right, sometimes we would get it wrong - and of course anyone who was on the internet would explode with outrage about it at the slightest opportunity.

I just think that sometimes, it’s not the worst thing in the world to be able to point out that something else might not be the best thing in the world. People make judgments, and get judgmental, about things all day, every day. It’s just funny when we pretend that we don’t.

Now that I’ve just gone scattershot all over the place, there are deadlines to consider:

The Second Chance deadline is tonight:
The main competition deadline is tomorrow night:

If you don’t make these, well, that would be a shame!
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