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Results - Second Chance Topic 1

Mark it on your calendars. Wake up the neighbors and pull them out of their beds. (Why are they sleeping anyway?) Because today is a historic event!

Not only is it the first Second Chance Idol deadline of Exhibit A, you are about to witness something rarely seen in the wild!


Five people missed the deadline, and have been eliminated from the competition. They are:
____hejira, blackeyes, butterbuns, elizabethsheryl and heatherenchantd. Sorry to see you go so soon!

As for the other five - you have caught a break. I’m not going to eliminate any more contestants this week from Second Chance. So you survive one more round.

Yes, I realize that might mean that not as many people will read your entries - but I HOPE that people take the time to read and comment on them, regardless of your survival being at stake!

Check out their entries at:

I’ll see you at the end of the main competition’s Week 2 poll to see who will be joining you, followed by your next topic!
Tags: eliminations, exhibit a, second chance
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