clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

results and explanation for the results


Sit down.

This one might take some explaining.

Hopefully I will be able to accomplish that without too much confusion.

There were quite a few "new accounts" used this round. They were found. Those votes were discarded.
Which means the numbers you see aren't the numbers since you can't just throw out poll votes on LJ.

spydielives, as the winner of the Spirit award given by her fellow contestants,had 30 votes to use, she used 22 of them - the minimum amount needed to save herself and trysola from elimination. She has 8 remaining.

Which means the numbers you see aren't the numbers.

The two people being eliminated this week, after all the figuring, adding, subtracting and otherwise slamming my head against the wall crunching numbers are oberonia and shannihilation, two remarkable writers (and people in general) who will be missed in this competition.

Neither were early picks to make it this far - and they both did themselves quite proud.
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