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Welcome to River Street, and other stuff!

Hello Idol!

I’m working out the details on something pretty big, and unprecedented, in Idol history. If everything works out the way it should, you should see it later this week! (or as late as next week, but it’s coming, and it’s going to be pretty darn awesome!)

So, this is less of an announcement and more of a “an announcement is coming” post. But aren’t those just as exciting???

Yep. I thought so too! : )


Speaking of exciting: Over the last couple of months, I’ve heard people mention that they wanted to pick up a copy of spydielives’s book, Welcome to River Street but just hadn’t gotten around to it! I have one, and actually enjoyed it. (although don’t tell her that I said that, I don’t want to ruin my rep!)

Well, NOW is the time to do it!

She has an exclusive LJ IDOL OFFER! The price has been reduced to $17 (and that INCLUDES SHIPPPING FOR THE US. International folks might have to pay a little more. But isn’t that your own fault for living elsewhere??? ;P) You can pay by paypal, or personal check apparently.

If you mention Idol, a portion of the proceeds will actually be coming back as a donation to support Idol! Which is pretty darn cool!

There are only approximately 40 copies of original printing of the book left!! Which means, if you want one, now is the time to do it! Heck, buy two of them! Christmas isn’t that far off! Buy three and send me an extra copy for my birthday! I don’t care what you do with them (although reading one is a good idea!) but if you want the opportunity to own one, the time to do so is running out!


Speaking of supporting Idol – and since I have you here. I’ve added a couple more things to the LJ IDOL AMAZON STORE: - as always, keep looking there for all of your Idol related stuff, or even quasi-Idol related, and send me suggestions on other things you think people might be interested in seeing. Mostly, just click through the store on your way to buy things at Amazon! ;) Because doing so keeps my internet on, and keeping my internet on keeps Idol coming into your world!

We also have the donate button (located on the side bar and on the community profile page) for those who want to help out a little more directly! :D


But enough of all that – I was a few feet away from the President of the United States this weekend. What did YOU do?
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