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LJ IDOL Store and donations

I put together an Amazon Store for LJ IDOL:

Some of your favorite Idolers have books available there, as well as other stuff by "friends of Idol" and just some cool kinda-sorta related things!

If there is anything we are missing, let me know and I'll add it!

That goes triple for the "Other Books" subcategory. I just threw in things off the top of my head that I've enjoyed. So, feel free to share your own recommendations on books that should be there as well!

(and any books by Idolers that I may have forgotten! I know there are quite a few that slipped by)

You are probably going to go to Amazon to order books, and other assorted items anyway. So, if you are going to do that - why not click through our link to get there? You get what you wanted, and Idol gets a little cash in the process! (emphasis on little, but hey, it's something! :D)


If you'd rather give directly - there is a Pay Pal (and an Amazon, for those who would rather use that site) donation link on the user page and now on the sidebar of the Idol page. (the same place you can find the Store, for future reference!)


If you don't. Absolutely no worries. But people have asked for a chance to "give back", and now here are several ways to do it!

So spread the word! And thank you to everyone who has already done so, or is planning on doing it sometime in the future!
Tags: donations, season 8
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